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Accessibility Submittals

The submittal of all commercial accessibility documents should include a review of the accessibility section of form form ABI-2. Any portion of the accessibility section that is applicable to your project should be checked, completed and thorough information for that item shall be supplied.

Any items that are not applicable should be checked off in the N/A column.

The accessibility submission shall include any and all accessibility requirements from other construction disciplines. Accessibility plans shall be of sufficient detail to permit a complete understanding of the scope of your project.

Interior elevations shall be provided for all cabinet work and millwork. A detailed accessibility assessment shall be provided. Site plans in a detail no greater than 1 inch = 20 feet shall be provided. All accessible routes and parking shall be shown on the plans. Restroom details shall be at a scale not greater than ¼ inch per foot.

All signage required by Chapter 10 and Chapter 11 of the IBC as well as that signage required by the ANSI A117.1 standard shall be clearly detailed on the plans. Plans shall show sign locations and the range of mounting elevations provided by the code. Be specific!

Clearly show the reach ranges where applicable, the requirements for tempered water, show whether approaches or from the front or side, accessible routes and facilities within buildings, door and cabinet pulls, heights of switches, receptacles, telephones, alarm keypads, pull stations, alarm alerting devices, etc.

The design professional shall provide the following accessibility items. During recent audits the PA Department of Labor & Industry has shown “zero tolerance” in any deviations from accessibility requirements. The design professional shall submit a thoroughly detailed plan clearly showing all required accessibility elements. After the plans have been released for construction the design professional shall review the structure during the rough-in phases for required accessibility elements. Prior to a request for the final Use & Occupancy inspection and approval the design professional shall review all plan elements for accessibility compliance.

Remember that the more detailed your plan submission, the more expedient the plan review process is, resulting in a quicker turn around time with less plan review comments requiring responses. You can not provide too much detail, but you can provide too little.