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Electrical Submittals

The submittal of all commercial electrical documents should include a review of the electrical section of form ABI-2. Any portion of the electrical section that is applicable to your project should be checked, completed and thorough information for that item shall be supplied.

Any items that are not applicable should be checked off in the N/A column.

The electrical submission shall include any and all electrical requirements from other construction disciplines.

Projects containing hazardous areas as defined by the Electrical Code shall clearly delineate these areas on the plans. The extent and types of these hazardous areas shall be reviewed, approved, noted on the plans, and bear the seal of a registered design professional with proven expertise in the classification of hazardous areas.

Projects in health care facilities shall clearly show all patient care areas, hazardous locations, isolated power systems, a detailed one-line showing essential, life safety, emergency and normal/emergency power distribution systems, and any specialized equipment locations with specifications.

Remember that the more detailed your plan submission, the more expedient the plan review process is, resulting in a quicker turn around time with less plan review comments requiring responses. You can not provide too much detail, but you can provide too little.