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Special Inspections

The Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code Section 403.42(a) Subpart (k) requires that a permit applicant describe an inspection program and identify a person or firm who will perform Special Inspections. These Special Inspection requirements are found in the International Building Code.

The Special Inspection program requires inspections in addition to the typical inspections performed on a construction site. A link to a ABI-6 form has been provided from this page for you to review the Special Inspection program.

The design professional responsible and in charge of your project should sign, seal, and complete the cover sheet of the ABI-6 form. As the Code requires an independent party to perform these inspections the design professional shall contract with an approved and certified special inspection person or firm to perform the required special inspections. The appropriate blocks of the ABI-6 Form should be completed for each special inspection required by the Code.

At the completion of your project the design professional responsible and in charge should obtain and review all special inspection reports, complete the last page of the ABI-6 Form and submit copies of all documentation to the Building Code Official to then become a part of the permanent municipal records for the project.

Remember that the more detailed your plan submission, the more expedient the plan review process is, resulting in a quicker turn around time with less plan review comments requiring responses. You can not provide too much detail, but you can provide too little.