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Simplified Residential Permit Checklist

Residential Permit Application Procedure Checklist

  • Do your plans show the design construction code.
  • Have you provided information on plumbing, electrical, energy (insulation), and mechanical work to be done?
  • Have you provided three complete sets of documentation?
  • Your plans should be detailed enough that lumber types, sizes, spacing, are indicated.
  • Your plans should provide documentation on any pre-engineered building members such as roof trusses, floor joist systems, or wall systems.
  • Have you completed all zoning, land development, storm water management, highway occupancy, as well as water and sewer requirements?
  • It is very important that you provide complete contact information for all persons who wish to receive copies of the plan reviews. Provide names, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers and if possible e-mail addresses of all parties.

You can not provide too much detail but you can provide too little in order to do a thorough plan review. This checklist provides the minimum information required for permit submittal.

Do not submit the permit until you have provided all the required minimum submittal information. If you are unsure of your submittal please call or visit our website.