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Residential Spa & Hot Tub Permit Submittal Guide

Code: International Residential Code: Appendix G & Chapter 42

Submit 1 copy of manufacturer's installation instructions and specification sheets.

Submit information on the safety locking cover or barrier fencing.

Conditions to Consider That Affect Installation:

Existing decks must be capable of supporting the loads imposed by the spa or hot tub, that is, the weight of the unit, weight of the water and weight of all occupants. Submit a structural framing plan of the deck for Municipal review and approval. Corrective framing and structural work may be required. See the Deck Submittal Guide for information concerning structural and plan requirements. Review by a registered architect or structural engineer may be needed, for example, an elevated deck with hot tub.

Overhead electric wires and communication cables require clearances based on both PPL and National Electrical Code rules and regulations.

Glazed windows or doors enclosing or adjacent to a spa or hot tub spa that are less than 5 feet above a walking surface and within 5 feet horizontally must have approved safety glazing or an approved permanent barrier between the glazing and the spa or hot tub.

Electrical wiring and equipment shall be installed in accordance with the 2009 IRC Chapter 42. Electrical requirements are different for inside and outdoor installations. Contact your Code Official for electrical code information such as:

  • Overhead wires and cable clearances
  • Wiring methods, disconnect and insulated ground wire requirements
  • Receptacle outlet location(s) (new & existing)
  • Light fixture, ceiling fan and switch location(s)
  • Ground fault circuit interrupter protection
  • Landscape lighting and wiring
  • Bonding requirements: pumps, metal fencing, gutters/downspouts etc.